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Empowering Tradesmen: The 870 BL EVO Tracked Scissor Lift - 16th Apr 2024

Empowering Tradesmen: The 870 BL EVO Tracked Scissor Lift

Are you looking for construction equipment that offers convenience, efficiency, and safety? iHire has got you covered. We bring you the Almac Athena 870 BL EVO - a reliable tracked scissor lift that guarantees exceptional performance on all terrains and in any kind of weather.

All-Terrain Performance and Top-Tier Safety

The 870 BL EVO is a versatile all-terrain tracked scissor lift ideal for tackling unpredictable New Zealand terrains. What makes it stand out is its active dynamic bi-leveling chassis. With this efficient feature, tradesmen can now work in tight access situations even on slopes and slight inclines. Moreover, this machine guarantees automatic self-leveling whilst driving stowed at speed.

More than just a Lift

The Athena 870 BL EVO defines versatility. Besides its primary function as a scissor lift, it also serves as scaffolding, slab scissors, and an all-terrain unit. This means you no longer need multiple machines on site - a significant financial advantage for you. It features an impressive working height of 7.9m with a reliable lift capacity of 250kg and an extra wide basket size of 1.5 x 1.2m.

Built to Last, Built to Impress

Equipped with a sturdy Kubota Z482 diesel engine and a 240V electrical power source, the 870 BL EVO ensures robust and reliable performance. Its hydraulic expanding tracks and the extendable and collapsible basket contribute to its usability and efficiency.


Despite being a powerhouse, Athena 870 BL EVO is compact, easy to tow, and boasts a user-friendly design. It features wired remote and ground controls along with proportional hydraulic commands for effortless operation.

High-End Construction with Intuitive Design

The 870 BL EVO also comes with a larger-than-average basket, providing an extra width of 400mm, bringing the total size to a spacious 2100mm x 2350mm. In addition, this machine offers features such as longitudinal leveling front and rear at +/- 16 degrees and +/- 20 degrees respectively, as well as lateral leveling at +/- 15 degrees. This spec highlight is designed to make your operation smoother and more efficient, even when dealing with demanding projects.

The Ultimate Kiwi Solution

To tradesmen looking for high-grade industrial solutions, the Almac Athena 870 BL EVO tracked scissor lift is your go-to equipment. Embodying power, flexibility, safety, and cost-effectiveness, this machine is a solid investment for your construction needs.

Make the choice today to experience a whole new level of efficiency!

New Air-Vac Track Vacuum Excavator welcomed into iHire fleet - 6th Apr 2024

New Air-Vac Track Vacuum Excavator welcomed into iHire fleet

For construction professionals, the intricate art of excavation is as crucial as building the structures themselves. Traditional methods often prove to be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and risky in terms of damaging existing infrastructure or the environment. The emergence of vacuum excavation has revolutionized the way contractors approach this fundamental aspect of their work. Among the plethora of vacuum excavation systems in the market, the AIR-VAC Track Vacuum Excavator from Invercargill Hire stands out as an indispensable tool for contractors, guaranteeing efficiency, precision, and safety.

Efficiency Redefined

One of the primary advantages of employing the AIR-VAC Track is its unrivaled efficiency. Compared to traditional excavation methods that require heavy machinery and substantial manpower, this advanced vacuum excavator delivers impressive productivity in minimal time. It can efficiently extract material with its powerful vacuum, reducing the number of labor hours required for the task. The excavator is also highly maneuverable, enabling it to tackle jobs in spaces where larger equipment cannot operate. This translates to quicker project turnaround times and, consequently, cost savings for your construction ventures.

Precision in Every Layer

Accurate excavation is a non-negotiable element in the construction industry, especially when working in confined urban spaces. The AIR-VAC Track excels in precision, ensuring that only the intended material is extracted. In projects where the risk of collateral damage is high, such as in areas with dense underground utilities, its accuracy is a game-changer. Contractors can confidently operate this vacuum excavator knowing that they are only removing the necessary material without any worry of compromising the surroundings. This precision paves the way for a seamless construction process, as it minimizes the need for additional, corrective work.

Safety First

The AIR-VAC Track Vacuum Excavator is not just about getting the job done efficiently; it's also focused on safety. The risk of accidents or injuries associated with traditional mechanical excavation is significantly reduced with this system. The absence of mechanical digging components such as shovels, backhoes, and pickaxes means that the inherent risks that come with their operation are mitigated. Furthermore, the AIR-VAC system's remote operation functionality allows workers to maintain a safe distance from the excavation area, not only protecting them from immediate dangers but also from the long-term health hazards of dust inhalation and repetitive stress injuries.

Environmental and Aesthetic Preservation

Construction isn't just about completing the task at hand; it's also about the legacy left behind. AIR-VAC Track Vacuum Excavators make an environmentally conscious choice, as they minimize the chance of damaging underground infrastructure and disturbing the soil structure. This preservation of the environment goes hand in hand with maintaining aesthetic surroundings, particularly important in urban renewal or landscaping projects. The excavator's non-destructive digging (NDD) capabilities ensure that the topography remains untouched where necessary, contributing to a lasting and positive environmental impact.


In an industry where precision, efficiency, and safety are paramount, the AIR-VAC Track stands out as a superior tool in vacuum excavation. Building and roading contractors seeking to elevate their standards and outcomes would do well to consider the merits of this system. Its capacity for seamless operation within challenging environments, along with its commitment to minimizing risks and preserving the environment, makes it an essential investment for any modern construction project. The AIR-VAC Track Vacuum Excavator is not merely another piece of equipment; it's a statement of innovation and excellence in today's construction scene.

Unleashing Efficiency: The Unforeseen Advantages of Equipment Rental Over Buying - 30th Mar 2024

The business landscape is competitive, requiring every organisation to remain agile, efficient and always ready to seize new opportunities. One factor that significantly impacts a company's ability to maintain this competitive edge is the decision to rent or buy equipment. Renting offers a plethora of advantages across multiple industries, from construction and agriculture to roading. This article explores the multitude of benefits businesses can experience when they choose to rent rather than buy.

Capital Freedom: The Financial Advantage of Renting

Renting equipment can lead to significant financial freedom for businesses. Rather than tying up your capital in expensive upfront machinery purchases, you could unlock these funds and redirect them towards other crucial elements of your business, increasing flexibility to adapt to market changes swiftly.

Predictable Expenditure: Controlling Long-term Expenses

The cost of owning machinery is not limited to the initial purchase price. There are recurring maintenance costs, replacement parts, upgrades and unexpected repairs. Renting collates all these various expenses into one predictable rental cost, eliminating the potential for surprise bills.

Space Management and Logistics: Renting to the Rescue

Easing the burden of logistics and storage is another way rental makes business sense. Expensive storage requirements and the hassle of relocating equipment between sites is a responsibility transferred to the rental provider, freeing up your business to focus on its core activities.

Tax Benefits and Strengthened Borrowing Power: Financial Perks of Renting

Renting can have a favourable impact on your tax position. While purchased equipment is taxed over its lifespan at a depreciated rate, rental expenses can be deducted fully from your tax return. Renting doesn’t show up as a liability on your balance sheet, creating a positive impression of your company’s financial health to prospective lenders.

Compliance Confidence: Achieving Regulatory Standards

Renting also helps businesses navigate the complex issue of regulatory compliance, particularly with regards to emissions standards. Non-compliance could lead to financial penalties and reputational damage. Reputable rental providers ensure the equipment they supply complies with all necessary standards, lifting this responsibility off your shoulders.

Time-Efficiency: Reducing Down-Time

Renting ensures that machinery is well-maintained, reducing the risk of breakdowns that can lead to costly delays to your projects. The delivery and pick-up of equipment are handled by the rental company, further saving your precious time.

Competitive Positioning: Leveling the Playing Field

Access to the latest, technologically advanced equipment can significantly boost a company’s competitive position. Renting lets you utilise the same equipment as larger companies, without the risk of the gear becoming obsolete.

Flexibility For Future Growth: Adapting to Changing Needs

Renting allows businesses to remain adaptable, efficiently scaling up or down to meet changing demands. If you desire the benefits of capital equipment without being locked into a long-term commitment, renting is the best alternative.


Renting equipment is an advantageous move for businesses across different industries. It allows for financial freedom, predictable spending, trouble-free logistics, compliance assurance, time efficiency, improved competitive positioning, and the flexibility to adapt to change.

Celebrating two years in business - 4th Jun 2019

Celebrating two years in business

Invercargill Hire is turning two next month, and to celebrate we are giving away a miniature version of the manager's ute!

The ideal addition to any child's playroom or perhaps for the young at hearts toy collection, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak replica can be driven by a child, or remotely by an adult.

Visit our facebook page to find out more, and be in to win!

A golden moment - 12th Jul 2018

A golden moment

iHire celebrated their first birthday in style, winning a Gold Award at the national HIANZ 40th Anniversary awards in Rotorua in July.

Container of Colour for Community - 24th Mar 2018

Container of Colour for Community

As a Southland owned and operated company, we at iHire like to help out in the community where we can. Recently we have had the pleasure of being involved in a special project many of our local schools have joined in, painting a mural on the side of The Pantry's 40ft storage container in South Invercargill. We supplied the team with a scissor lift. It looks like they're having a heap of fun!

JLG helps Invercargill Hire make positive start - 1st Sep 2017

JLG helps Invercargill Hire make positive start

iHire were pleased to be included in the JLG magazine in September.

Passion for hire drives ownership decision - 26th Aug 2017

Passion for hire drives ownership decision

iHire Shareholder Richard Marrah featured in the Career Market section of the Southland Times shortly after the business opened.

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